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  • 3 Ways Your Can Contribute to Military Charity Foundations

    When military members bade farewell to their spouses and children, perhaps that could be the last time they’ll get to see each other again. The nature of their duty call puts them at risk of anything and...

    • Posted March 19, 2018
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  • Protective Gear For Construction Workers

    Construction workers have a busy life. Compared to the average person, who might walk up to 10,000 steps a day, the average construction worker can walk upwards of 30,000 steps. The job requires a great deal of...

    • Posted March 19, 2018
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  • Dark Marks on the Skin Have You Down? Products Can Help

    Your skin matters to us, which is why you should always have the best products on the market when it comes to keeping your skin happy and healthy. A Dove study shows us that about 4% of...

    • Posted March 1, 2018
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  • What’s The Difference Between Average Facial Hair And A Dapper Beard?

    We take our grooming habits seriously. If we don’t we could lose out on a hot date or miss out on a job offer! When it comes to your own it stands to reason there are some...

    • Posted February 14, 2018
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  • 3 Unique Ideas for Custom Photo Beach Towels

    Whether you live right on the coast or right by the lakeshore, everyone loves a beach day! After all, what’s better than surf, sand, and good vibes? And no beach day is complete without sunscreen, sun glasses,...

    • Posted February 12, 2018
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  • Common Misconceptions about Hair Extensions

    Hair extensions are extremely popular for those looking to grow their hair out but don’t have time to wait. They’re an easy solution if you have a major event, or if you just need to fix a...

    • Posted January 22, 2018
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  • Why Should I Get A Quality Watch?

    If you wear watches, you might have wondered what sets apart a really good quality timepiece from the department store watches. Until you have one on your wrist you won?t know the different a quality watch can...

    • Posted January 20, 2018
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  • jewelry store
    We Bet You Didn’t Know These Things About Tiffany & Co.

    You’ve likely heard the name before. It’s the resplendent jewelry store whose name, color, and legacy are synonymous with luxury: Tiffany and Co. They’re a successful design house and it’s estimated that nearly 29% of their worldwide sales come...

    • Posted January 12, 2018
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  • Skin Care Correction and Prevention

    An uneven skin tone can cause lots of discomfort with ones own appearance, as well as an overall lack of confidence. And skin problems are by no means unique – in fact, almost half of the population...

    • Posted January 2, 2018
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  • 5 Most Common Reasons to Get a Tattoo Cover Up

    Remember when we couldn’t wait until we turned 18 so we could run to the nearest tattoo shop and get whatever tattoo design that was trendy at the time tattooed on our bodies? We couldn’t wait to...

    • Posted December 28, 2017
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