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4 Fashion Mistakes to Avoid in the Office

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Statistics show that people form first impressions of someone anywhere between 7-17 seconds of meeting them. It’s tough to find a place where it’s more important to make a great impression than at your job. You’ll always want to ensure that you’re looking your best while at work. Statistics from 2016 found that 47% of those in senior management felt that their workers dressed too casually. No one wants to be known as the worst dressed employee in the office. Here are the top four fashion mistakes men make in the workplace.

  1. Wearing Poorly Fitting Suits

    You might think that it’s easier to choose something off the rack. Unfortunately, these suits are unlikely to fit your exact body type. It’s far better to wear custom tailored clothing that is made to fit you perfectly. Wearing suits that are too light or loose make it appear as if you’re not concerned with your appearance. Not caring about your appearance could make it hard to get ahead in the office.
  2. Always Relying on Black Socks

    Many men have a drawer lined with pairs of black business socks. It’s important to always keep your attire colorful including the socks that you wear. Many fashion experts recommend matching your sock and pant colors together. You’ll find that there are many business socks available in colors that range outside of the traditional dark colors.
  3. Improper Sleeve Length

    Many men are guilty of making mistakes in regards to their luxury dress shirts. You’ll find that it’s crucial to ensure your sleeve lengths look well. It’s important to find dress shirts for men with the right sleeve length. Experts recommend that the cuffs of luxury dress shirts need to fall within two centimeters from the wrist bone. Wearing sleeves that don’t fit properly can give off an unprofessional impression to work colleagues.
  4. Choosing the Wrong Tie

    The tie is an essential piece of mens business attire that you don’t want to mess up. You’ll want to ensure that the bottom of your tie meets where your belt lies. Choosing the right tie width is important. It’s best to utilize the standard tie width when purchasing a high quality mens suit. You’ll want to find ties that are colorful without becoming a distraction in the office.

In closing, there are several fashion mistakes to avoid while at work. You’ll find that it’s wise to wear custom fitted attire to the workplace. Luxury dress shirts and pants bought off the rack are rarely going to fit perfectly. Many men rely on the standard pair of black business socks. It’s best to match your dress socks and pants together. Many men have fallen victim to dealing with poorly fitting sleeves. Custom fitted luxury dress shirts automatically fit your arms, avoiding the need to adjust your sleeves all day. It’s wise to choose colorful and traditional ties without getting too out there on the length and width dimensions. Choosing the right mens professional attire helps to ensure you’re a success in the workplace.

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