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5 Most Common Reasons to Get a Tattoo Cover Up

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Remember when we couldn’t wait until we turned 18 so we could run to the nearest tattoo shop and get whatever tattoo design that was trendy at the time tattooed on our bodies? We couldn’t wait to show off our new ink to all of our friends and feel like we are the coolest one in the group.

Our parents warned us that these pieces of art are permanent. We knew that. They warned us that we would grow tired of the symbolism that we decided to make a part of ourselves. We didn’t believe them. Now we are adults, with tattoos, and we may have some tattoo regret that we swore we would never ever have.

When you got your first tattoo, or second, or even third maybe, you never thought that you would one day think they were bad tattoos. It never crossed your mind that one day you’d look at what you once thought was a masterpiece and think you need a tattoo cover up. However, this unfortunate turn of events happens to some people who were in love with their artwork at first, and now they just want it gone.

Here are the 5 most common reasons to get a tattoo cover up, according to

  1. New Partner or Spouse- Sometimes we get tattoos that mean something about a significant person that was in our life at one point, but now they’re gone. With a new partner, it can sometimes be difficult to look at a reminder on our skin of the past, so we want to get a new tattoo to celebrate the new person in our lives.
  2. Changed Belief System- Maybe for a part of your life, you belonged to a particular religious group, got some body art to symbolize that, and now you have changed your ideologies. Get a cover up!
  3. Poor Execution- Maybe you wanted to save some money and went to a tattoo parlor that was on the less talented side, but cheaper, and now you hate the way the tattoo looks. This doesn’t have to be an issue because you can get that bad boy covered up!
  4. Outdated Design- Remember in the beginning when I mentioned getting a tattoo that was super trendy? Sometimes we lose interest in what we once loved, and we don’t want a tattoo on our bodies to represent that.
  5. Every time you look at it, you wish you weren?t- This goes along with a lot of the other reasons to get a tattoo covered up. Sometimes, you just hate the tattoo! You thought it would be amazing, but it turns out, you just plain hate it.
  6. If you want to get your tattoo covered up for any of these reasons, or any other reason that is personal to you, you are not alone! Around 5% of people in America have gotten a tattoo cover up.

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