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Before You Pop the Question, Do You Have the Perfect Ring?

Getting your partner to say yes to your proposal takes more than a gorgeous ring, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. It also doesn’t need to be a custom engagement ring to be special. A ring also doesn’t need to break your budget, although it is a good idea to plan for the cost. Some estimates put the average engagement ring price as $5,598 or so. Here are a few options you have when choosing a ring.

Does an Engagement Ring Have to Have Diamonds?

While a sparkling diamond is usually the gem associated with engagement and wedding rings in the U.S., diamond jewelry is just one of many options. Depending on the style and preference of your partner, you can certainly design your own gemstone ring to impress them.

What Signifies Quality in Diamond Jewelry Design?

First, let’s discuss diamond wedding jewelry. Diamonds have several indications of quality. Surprisingly, how much the stone sparkles under different lights is one. Another is the cut. This refers to the shape of the diamond, but also to the skill of the person who cut the stone. A finely-cut diamond is more appealing the the naked eye.

Color is also a factor. Many of the diamonds in fine jewelry stores are white, however diamonds are also found in yellow, pink, and sometimes blue shades. The choice depends on your partner’s preferences. The carats or weight of the diamond are also a stylistic choice. Some people are comfortable wearing a larger stone. Others prefer something understated.

Are Certain Gemstones Better Than Others?

If the couple plans to wear their rings on a near daily basis, then they will need a ring made of hardy materials. This is why some gems are preferred over others. It is possible to ding the surface of a gem, or to cause it to lose its luster from improper care. Diamonds are the most impervious. Pearls, opals, jade, and brown topaz all need special attention. Ask your jeweler for advice about caring for the ring you choose.

Gold is generally used for ring bands. Make sure the carats are below 24k, because just as some gems are less durable than their counterparts, so is gold. Too high of a carat means the gold will be too soft. But don’t think that you are stuck with a yellow gold band. Many jewelers offer white gold, and rose gold is becoming more popular as well.

Is a Custom Engagement Ring Worth the Extra Effort?

A custom engagement ring is a step above the average. The process of making a custom designed jewelry piece is laborious. When made for the one you love, it is considered extremely romantic. As with other considerations when ring shopping, this choice takes into account the style of your partner. A custom engagement ring doesn’t necessarily need a big diamond centerpiece, but it does require extra thought and patience.

The best engagement ring is one that suits your partner. It doesn’t need to break your budget. It doesn’t need to be flashy. All that is needed is a ring design that shows your partner you understand what they like in jewelry.

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