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Over time, many fashion trends come and go. Some fashion trends are short lived, while others last for several years before fading out. In some rare cases though, certain trends in fashion stick around and remain consistently popular. Camouflage clothing is one such fashion trend that has remained popular and prominent since its original rise. Though camo hunting clothes are most commonly seen, many people wear camo for everyday activities as well. To find selections of camo clothing and accessories such as camo formal dresses, pink camouflage baby clothes, camo bedding, and more, individuals can search online camo retailers.

Several different camouflage patterns were developed during World War II to disguise the American military adequately. The design of camouflage is meant to be visually disruptive, confusing the brain and thus allowing the person that is wearing the camouflage to hide from the onlooker. In addition to disguising military forces, camouflage is used to disguise battleships, tanks, and other military equipment.

The 1980s is considered to be the period when camouflage clothing first became popular, according to Time Magazine. Today, many couples are having camouflage themed weddings and wearing camo wedding dresses and camo tuxedos. For camo wedding attire or other camo items such as pink camouflage baby clothes, people can search selections found on online camo retailers. Check out this site for more.

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