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Construction Cones and Site Safety

High visibility jacket

A construction site need not be a dangerous place if you use common sense and follow safety related advice. For example, when driving around a construction site, look out for construction cones. You definitely do not want to run over a construction cone. If you have to spend any time at the construction site, there are several things you should have with you. Amongst these are 1st aid kits, atlas fit gloves, a high visibility jacket, and a bullard hard hat. If you are exercising near a construction zone, make sure to wear reflective running gear, and be careful not to topple over the construction cones. Construction cones must remain in the areas in which they were originally placed. Never take it upon yourself to move a construction cone of your own volition. Only move a construction cone if you have been ordered to do so by someone in authority. It is very important for the chain of command to be respected by everyone when visiting a construction zone. That chain of command is in place to keep people from getting hurt. Get more info here: www.safetymart.com

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