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Do you prefer shopping at online apparel stores rather than brick-and-mortar shops at the mall? When you want a new skateboard, skating shoes, or cool specialty brand clothing, chances are that you do. Since you want to create a look all your own with graphic tees and backpacks for work, you’ll have a better chance finding these and other items at online apparel stores with unique clothing items that reflect your personality and lifestyle.

When you’re looking for a new board, it’s more likely that you’ll purchase one at a specialty store. A recent survey, for example, showed that just 3.1% of the skateboards being sold are from sporting goods stores. Most serious skaters prefer to purchase specialty rather than top brand name boards. This is because they want a skateboard that reflects their personality and the way they like to ride.

Were you aware that around 11 million people go skateboarding on a regular basis? Whether they’re picking up their morning coffee, commuting to work, or doing a few rounds at the skating park, quite a few skaters are never without their boards.

When they’re not at the skateboard park, many skaters enjoy riding up and down their own or neighborhood driveways. If you’re interested in having a professionally-designed ramp installed, these may cost up to $500.00. Justing imagine how cool it would be to have your very own private skating park, complete with jumps and other cool features.

When it comes to skateboarding shoes, you want them to look cool and have a good fit. Quality skateboarding shoes will usually cost an average of $50.00 to $100.00, and it’s likely that you have several pairs. This is because your shoes will last longer and stay in better shape when you rotate them every few days. When you rotate your shoes, it gives them time to dry out and decompress.

Whether you’re looking for 5 panel hats, baseball caps, or other accessories and apparel to create your look, you may be interested in the results of some recent experiments about how people form first impressions. According to Princeton psychologists, Drs. Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov, it just takes a tenth of a second for someone to form an impression of a stranger. While this first impression is formed by looking at their face, the experiments also revealed that longer exposures don’t usually alter that first impression. Longer exposures, however, tend to reinforce that first impression.

You may also be interested to know that nonverbal cues contribute to first impressions more than verbal cues. Other studies have shown that nonverbal cues have four times the impact than anything you might say. That said, how you dress says quite a bit about you. When you have your own sense of style, this will definitely be noticed. When considering whether you want to shop at an online apparel store as opposed to the mall, there’s a better chance that you’ll be able to find just what you need at an online apparel store.

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