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Cruelty Free Couture The Benefits of Wearing Faux Exotic Skin Shoes for Men

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Have you ever noticed how some trends go as quickly as they came, and how others seem to carry on decade after decade? Fashions may come and go, but style is something that will always be season! Some looks are simply timeless, and will always be fashionable as time goes on. Examples of looks that gracefully stand the test of time include the little black dress, a tailored suit, and leather items such bags, belts, and shoes.

Exotic belts, exotic boots, and other goods made from animal skins have always been sought after, coveted, and admired. Archaeologists have even found evidence that exotic skin shoes for men and women were signs of status in social hierarchies, with artisan shoes that carried a heavier price tag indicating a high social status. The times may have changed, however this notion is still firmly rooted in place. Alligator skin shoes and other goods made from their skin, such as exotic skin shoes for men and women, can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars or more. These goods and shoes are meant to dress to impress, but are they truly worth the cost paid by the environment?

The best kinds of fashion and styles is cruelty free, in which case exotic skin shoes for men and women are horribly out of style. This is especially true when it comes to exotic skin shoes for men and women made from exotic and rare reptiles, such as South American tegu lizards, monitor lizards, and large snakes. These animals are often harvested in the natural environment in cruel and inhumane ways, similar to the ways in which fur animals are harvested. The high demand for these exotic leather shoes and goods can have a devastating impact on population species and the environment as whole.

Fortunately, growing awareness and concern over exotic leather goods means that more is being done to minimize if not completely eliminate the harvest of exotic and rare animals for their skins. The look and feel of these skins can still be enjoyed without having to sacrifice the life of an animal. Faux leather uses artificial and plant material to mimic the aesthetic and texture of animal skins, allowing fly fashionistas to strut in style completely guilt free. It’s an excellent alternative for vegans, those who live a plant-based lifestyle, or for those who enjoy the look of leather but are concerned for animal welfare and environmental impact.

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