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Five Reasons To Consider Buying Silver

It’s no secret that everyone loves gold. Whether it’s for value, aesthetics or for personal taste, it’s hard to find a reason not to like gold.

But did you know there’s a lot to like about silver too? The words for silver and money are the same in at least 14 different languages and there’s plenty to like about it.

If you’re considering buying silver, here are five reasons to buy it:

  • Value: Believe it or not, your silver is worthy money. An online search of silver buyers can easily lead you to places for selling silver that will access items you might have based on their usefulness, condition and brand. While there can be plenty of monetary value in silver, there’s plenty of emotional value too. Imagine strolling through an antique shop and coming across a piece that completes the silver dinner collection you have at home. Maybe you collect a particular brand of silver and you come across a piece that you can add to your collection at a reasonable price.
  • Food: It hasn’t been necessarily proven scientifically, but people have long extolled the virtues of eating off of silver. Whether you’re eating off of a silver plate or drinking from a sterling silver baby cup, there’s something about eating off of silver that adds something to the flavor of food.
  • Health: Not only does eating off of silver seem to add something to the taste of food, it’s a healthier way to eat. Old wives tales talk about being able to glean nutrients of silver dishware, but silver can actually keep food fresh because it is naturally anti-microbial, meaning that it helps repel germs.

    Drinking from a sterling silver baby cup or dining with a silver spoon or fork might also lead you toward eating healthier food. You can eat anything off of a common dinner plate, but eating something like a salad or an appetizer with silver cutlery can add a certain feeling of elegance to your meal. Imagine what eating a decadent desert off of a silver plate will feel like if eating something like a salad feels elegant on silver dishware.
  • Elegance: As previously mentioned, eating off of silver plates or drinking from a sterling silver baby cup adds a certain touch of elegance to your meal. Eating this way also harkens back to an older time when maybe your relatives got out the fine china or sterling silver dishware for big Sunday dinners or for formal dinner parties.

    If you’ve got a collection of silver dishware, there’s a good chance that the sterling silver baby cup you’re drinking from or silver spoons and forks your eating with have been passed down. Silver dishware can easily be passed down through generations, ensuring that you or your children or grandchildren can enjoy the same silver dishware you’re currently enjoying. Tarnished silver can easily be restored with some polish and seeing silver pieces gleaming again and looking brand new is something special.

  • Romance: Chances are you and your significant other are constantly caught up in the daily hustle-and-bustle of working and various responsibilities. If you’re looking for a way to slow things down and put a little bit of a romantic spark back into your relationship, silver can be the perfect thing to do it. Try eating a romantic meal on your silver dishware, think about polishing a tarnished family heirloom like a sterling vase and giving it to your significant other. If it’s a special occasion like a birthday, think about picking up a sterling silver locket or some piece of antique jewelry for a memorable birthday gift.

If you’re at a place that sells silver pieces, keep these pieces of advice in mind when you’re buying silver:

  • Look at the condition of the silver. Find out if there have been any repairs made or any history of damage.
  • Find out the age. With antique silver, age determines value.
  • Find out who made the antique silver piece or pieces you’re interested in buying. Names like Paul Storr and Engelhard are reputable and are associated with good quality.
  • Keep an eye on trends. Things that are in vogue change constantly and a sterling silver tea set might be all the rage one day, but sterling silver pitchers might be the popular item a few months from now.

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