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Four Benefits Of Wearing Tactical Clothing

Whether you’re a paramedic, police officer, fireman, an EMT or some other kind of emergency responder, you want to make sure you’re protected when you put your life on the line to help others.

All of Eleven 10’s self aid medical gear is designed and tested in the United States, so when you buy it you’re getting a quality American product. Eleven 10 self aid medical gear is also tested by folks who aren’t medics. You might think it strange, but this is done so that self aid medical gear and medical kits are easy for first responders and average Joes and Janes can use it too.

Ultimately the goal—whatever your profession—is to have the right gear on and be carrying the right equipment for the job. That’s where self aid medical gear and tactical gear comes in.

Tactical and service clothing is a big business—more than $900 million annually and it’s not hard to see why. Tactical and service clothing offers the wearer better flexibility, offers more protection, better visibility and more storage space.

Let’s take a closer look at each of those benefits:

  • Better visibility: When it comes to being in the line of duty, police officers, paramedics, security guards and the like have a tough balancing act. They’ve got to be visible enough to help people in need and hidden enough to not immediately draw attention. Tactical uniforms find a happy middle ground in the middle of those two extremes.
  • Protection: Paramedics with medical carrying equipment or police officers with their full gear have a lot to deal with on the job. Tactical clothing can help employees in many industries battle the elements while keeping them as comfortable and safe as possible.
  • Flexibility: Ttactical gear gives workers a chance to be able to move on the job. With so much equipment to carry and deal with, police officers, firemen and the like need to be able to move around a little bit. This is especially important when an everyday situation changes from calm to chaotic in just seconds. Workers need to be able to react and be able to move quickly to get to those in need of help.
  • More storage: Another benefit of tactical and service clothing is that it offers plenty of space for storage. Tactical clothing gives workers more than enough room to slip all the essentials they need for the job into various pockets. The more room they have, they easier and faster they can reach important tools. Think about all the equipment a paramedic in the field carries around on a regular basis: bandages, medications, IV equipment, a defibrillator and other items. It’s a lot to keep track of, but the right tactical gear can make it a lot easier.

If you’re a paramedic, your job is all about saving and taking care of people in emergency situations. Chances are you’ve got all the tools of the trade you need and you always check to make sure you’re well stocked with supplies. But even if you’re not a paramedic, you still need a well-stocked first aid kit.

If you’re wondering, what do I need in my first aid kit, here’s a primer:
Basic supplies: Bandages; hand sanitizer, eyewash; antibiotic ointment; duct tape; plastic bags; safety pins; lubricant such as petroleum jelly; cold and hot packs; a tourniquet; scissors; cotton swabs; splints; a surgical mask and hydrogen peroxide.
Medications: Calamine lotion; aloe vera; laxatives; antacids; pain relievers; cough and cold medication; antihistamines.
Emergency items Emergency numbers (family members, hospitals, doctors, etc);a working flashlight; a working cell phone; blankets; matches; medical consent and medical history forms.

If you work in job where you’re constantly on the go and in need of better protection in the line of duty, tactical clothing is the gear you absolutely need to have. It will offer the right balance of visibility, plenty of space to cart around all of your most important tools, offer a greater level of comfort and keep you protected while you’re helping those in need. Contact a tactical and service apparel company such as Eleven 10 for all your tactical gear needs such as job shirts and tactical boots.

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