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Getting A New Head of Hair

Almost every adult human being cares about the quality and appearance of the hair on their head, and many women today take great interest in products such as wefted extensions, keratin extensions, or even celebrity hair extensions to modify the length and quality of their hair, and there may be a rich variety of hair styles and types available at a salon for any modern patron, such as Slavic hair extensions or hand tied extensions, or even Russian extensions. Keratin extensions are often based on gluing natural, real human hair onto the patron’s existing hair, and thus can make for a natural look (after all, it’s all real hair, from root to tip). Women today may opt for keratin extension to get a new look, and a local hair salon’s staff should be ready and willing to provide keratin extensions. What does the market for this look like? And is surgery ever needed to fix hair?

Women, Hair, and the Industry

Most adults have a head of hair, and many women today are very much interested in looking their best. Hair extensions are hardly an obscure novelty; keratin extensions and others represent a booming market in the cosmetics industry today, and Fortune magazine has stated that today, the hair extension market is worth an impressive $5 billion. What is more, this market is in fact growing; currently, it is growing at a rate of 2.7%, and experts predict that it may grow about 3% during the course of the next few years. And there are plenty of patrons for this industry looking for keratin extensions or woven extensions. Around 158.6 million women live in the United States as of now, and the number of women who get hair extensions is around 58.7 million, close to one in three women today.

Women care a great deal about their appearance, and not all of them are happy with the current state of their natural hair. In fact, nearly 68% of women are dissatisfied with how their hair looks, which is where the hair and cosmetics industry comes in. A recent HairRx study was conducted with 1,000 women, and it found that 80% of them aged 30-60 admitted that their hair can influence their personal outlook. Thus, many women choose to get keratin extensions or other hair enhancement products to improve their look. The website posted a poll online, and the results showed that 38% of women use hair extensions in their everyday beauty routine. How might this be done?

The Extensions

A woman who wants hair extensions may visit a local hair salon and ask for this service, and this may involve an online search for salons capable of hair extensions if her current salon cannot do this to her satisfaction, or if she moved to a new area and does not yet know a good salon to visit. Once a salon professional gets this work started, she will factor in the thickness, color, and other aspects of the patron’s hair to ensure that the extensions are consistent and make for a natural look when everything is done. There are a number of ways to do this, such as woven hair extensions that are weaved into the patron’s hair, or even locks of hair that are taped to the patron’s scalp (the tape point is hidden by hair to disguise its artificial look). Other times, keratin extensions are done, which involve gluing the new, natural hairs onto the patron’s current hair, and although this may result in tiny resin beads that can be felt when touched, these extensions, when done correctly, can give a patron a natural and luxurious look with her hair.

In other cases, a patron may opt for follicular unit extractions, or FUE. It is mainly men who experience balding and hair thinning, but sometimes women get it too as they age, so they may choose to have minimally invasive surgery done. Hair follicles naturally grow in small groups, and a medical professional can remove these clusters from parts of the scalp and attach them to a thinning or balding area to make for a more consistent head of hair. This doesn’t add more hair, but it can help with thinning and balding, and is often popular.

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