How Do Assisted Living Communities Function?

This Ted talk video addresses assisted living communities and how it can be the solution for aging Americans that need care but they do not really need healthcare. This video takes a deep dive into the American health care system and some of the problems that seniors face when it comes to senior residential options.
The presenter predicts how long-term care, acute care, specialists, outpatient care, and skilled nursing will all come together in one center.

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Assisted living will be phase one. This is where healthy seniors that need minimal care will live and where they will have access to health care that is focused on good health. They will be able to get prescriptions for things like exercise and nutrition to help them stay healthy.
This video describes a community that is built on the phases and needs of seniors. For example, for as long as a senior can manage their day-to-day living they can live independently, when they need more services, those services can be provided. As the seniors’ needs evolve so will the services provided all in the same community. Watch the video to learn more about this concept.

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