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How Many Airline Trips a Year Do You Take for Work?

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It is no secret in today’s world that their is a major separation between the have’s and the have not’s. And while much has been made about the benefits of being one of America’s top 1%, few seem to realize all of the work that has gone into reaching that status. For the Americans who find themselves at the very top of the earnings in this country, jet charter services and other conveniences not only make good sense, they are also necessary. Most of the people and the companies in the top income brackets cannot spare the time that it takes to fly commercially. Long security lines, restrictive flight availability, and crowded seating conditions on commercial flights mean that commercial flights do not work for the most frequent and the most busy travelers. Instead, this elite set of Americans rely on the ability to charter a jet plane when they need to travel.
And while few would be surprised to know that the top earners in America use private jet charters to get to and from their destinations, many would be surprised to know just how affordable the decision to charter a jet can be. The decision to charter a jet plane provides a variety of advantages to both individual travelers and the companies that they work for.
How Much Time Do You Waste at Airports Every Month?
For many the first time they make the decision to charter a jet plane, the decision can be made out of desperation. When corporate leaders are unable to find the commercial flights that can get them to and from important meetings in the same day, the options are limited. Miss the meeting or charter a jet plane. Once this elite form of travel is used, however, it is often difficult to return to the constraints of commercial flying.
Although chartered services are obviously more expensive, they need to be also viewed for the savings they are able to provide. For example, chartered flights in and out on the same day eliminate the need for hotel stays. Additionally, the time saved can allow corporate officers or other important personnel to be back in the office the next day instead of wasting time at commercial airports.
Perhaps the biggest savings, however, is in not losing important contacts and accounts when you cannot be at a required meeting. And while many meetings are scheduled weeks and even months in advance, some of the most important and essential meetings are scheduled at the last minute. A charter plane or jet service flight plan, unlike the rigid schedules of commercial flights, can be made very quickly, often within just a couple of hours.
Commercial flying is complicated. The long security lines mean that travelers often have to arrive at least an hour or two before departure. In some instances in the last 10 months, in fact, even a two hour early arrival did not mean that travelers would make their scheduled flights. And while commercial flight arrivals and departures are dependent upon the preceding flights during the day, a charter flight does not have these same restrictions.
Could More Comfort and More Space Make Your Business Flights More Productive?
Slightly more than 40% of commercial passengers indicate that airlines need to add more legroom to the available seating. In a charter jet, however, limited leg room is not a problem. Depending on the kind of aircraft that you charter, in fact, spacious and flexible seating arrangements can allow not only for comfort, but also for in flight meetings and important conversations and negotiations.
Nationwide, more than 2,100 air charter operators offer services. These charter operators, like commercial pilots, are required to hold an Air Carrier or Commercial Operating Certificate that is issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Private jet pilots must also file Operations Specifications that contain company names, authorizations and limitations.
Although the security is different on charter jets, specific requirements are still in place in all private flights in this country. Security on a private jet, in fact, can be even more detailed when you know every person who is scheduled on a flight you or your company have privately chartered.

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