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How These 4 Mens Shoe Trends Can Upgrade Your Wardrobe

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When you are looking for the best quality shoes, high end brands and materials are often the first option. However expensive does not always mean high quality. This is a reality often faced with high end mens shoes brands, so you must know what to look for. Leather is the popular choice among all quality shoes, but there is more to it than that. Exotic skin shoes for men offer the most durable and fashionable footwear on the market. High end dress shoes for men have seen a lot of retail growth recently, most notably a 39% increase from 2009 to 2014. When it comes to leather made from anything other than common farm animals, such as alligator, snakeskin, or stingray; it only accounts for 1% of the global leather market. This means these skins are rare, and definitely in demand. There are a variety of animal skins to choose from that provide different styles and levels of luxury. 4 of the most in demand skins are listed here.

1. Italian Leather Shoes

Italian leather is coveted in the fashion industry. Is it especially a popular material by exotic skin shoes for men. Instead of cow hide, Italian leather is often made from ostrich skin. It is a well fostered material which is often made by a hand, and produced from highest quality hides. The leather goes through several examinations before it is released for sale. Only the best dyes and treatments are used on Italian leather products. Because it is so well handled, it is considered the finest leather in the fashion world and one of the few options available. Italian loafers and oxfords are common styles of leather shoes. They are also very durable and long lasting. Fine Leather shoes can last through tens of thousands of flexes. These shoes exude class and luxury, especially when accompanied by an appropriate ensemble.

2. Alligator or Crocodile Shoes

When you think of exotic skin shoes for men, what comes to mind is probably either alligator or crocodile leather. Although both are very similar, the quality of leather between the two may differ. Alligator is often better than crocodile based on aesthetics, quality, and other physical characteristics. It is unfortunate that sometimes crocodile leather is marketed as alligator. However, both are high quality and well processed materials. Both skins make eye catching luxury shoes and boots. Alligator and crocodile are a pinnacle material in exotic skin shoes for men.

3. Snakeskin Shoes

You may have heard of snakeskin purses, or novelty fashion items like snakeskin skirts and accessories. Snakeskin is a popular choice in exotic skin shoes for men. It is easily identifiable and can make a statement with any outfit. Cobra and python leather are the most common types used for fashion items. Boots and oxford shoes are very trendy in this material.

4. Eel or Stingray Shoes

These aquatic animal skins are some of the most exotic you can acquire. Shoes made with eel or stingray leather are stylish and eye catching, and often very quirky. They are often seen with couture fashion. Although both of these skins are strong, they are also thin, and often made with cowhide underneath it for reinforcement.

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