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How to Create a Rustic Living Room

Rustic decor can be equal parts homey and beautiful if it’s done the right way. It can transform your home into a gorgeous and cozy place that your whole family loves to be. If you’ve ever considered trying the rustic look in your living room but don’t know where to start, then continue reading for some tips and ideas on how to achieve the rustic living room of your dreams.

Distressed Leather Furniture

One great place to start is with a rustic leather sofa. Distressed brown or tan leathers make a great addition to a rustic home. They give an aged, but classy look. Plus, rustic leather sofas and leather armchairs are often incredibly comfortable and cushy.

Warm Colors

Rustic looks tend to be warm and welcoming. They don’t have the cool colors and sharp edges that a more modern design would have. Using warm colors like burgundies, browns, and burnt oranges will pull together your rustic space beautifully.

Mixtures of Stone and Wood Grain

You will definitely be utilizing wood grain in a rustic living room. Wood ceilings, walls, and floors all add to this look and give the impression of a cozy cabin. While all three don’t have to be made of wood, two out of three often gives the best rustic look. You can also utilize stone designs around your fireplace or on an accent wall.

Antique Decor

Choosing decorations that are either genuine antiques or mimic the look of antiques is a nice addition. It adds to the aged and distressed design that usually comes with a rustic room. Old style frames, vases, and furniture will take your living room back in time and make it look stunning.

Rural Tapestries and Pillows

Choosing pillows and tapestries that have a country design will give a great rural aesthetic to a rustic living room. Rustic rooms don’t have to have a country design and can lean more towards aged, vintage looks, but if you like the rural look then these are a great choice for you.

Mix and Match

One key of having rustic living room you dream of is to have fun with it and mix and match ideas. You don’t have to follow a strict pattern or interior design. You can borrow different elements and create a beautiful space that the whole family will enjoy.

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