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How to Protect Yourself From WiFi Radiation

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Devices that emit some kind of electromagnetic wave have become more common as technology has moved forward. While initial concerns about the health effects of electromagnetic waves focused on microwaves, lately there has been increased concern about devices that have become basic to our everyday lives.

Cell phones and laptops have been the subject of a few studies within the past few years regarding a danger to our health:

  • A 2012 study showed that chronic electromagnetic field exposure caused physiological harm to our cells after just one and a half years.
  • A 2010 study showed that short term electromagnetic field exposure caused headache, irritation, and concentration difficulties for those in school.

Many of the dangers some suggest are associated with electromagnetic fields have become more prominent as of late as number of devices connected to the Internet grows. There is even talk of a global connection of devices linked through WiFi networks. These items can include your phone, your laptop, your car, and even your kitchen appliances.

The dangers themselves have not gone unnoticed by some members of the medical and scientific community. In 2015, more than 190 scientists from around the world challenged the United Nations and the World Health Organization for greater protection from frequencies associated with wireless technology, microwaves, and even EMF associated with electricity.

What You Can Do for Protection

One area to focus on if you are concerned about electromagnetic fields is WiFi radiation protection. Some companies say that WiFi, which is ubiquitous in homes, hotels, and many coffee shops, can be blocked using a type of shield. The shield can be designed to protect from EMF dangers using a design that forms its own frequency. This can be called a bioelectric shield.

Another option is to be aware anytime you are on your smart phone, near a wireless router, or a laptop connected to the Internet. Here, EMF safety is key for WiFi radiation protection. Many items that can protect from WiFi radiation can be individually customized or designed for a condition of some kind, such as Autism or ADHD.

Women who are pregnant are a group that is in particular danger, some say. Children whose mothers used cell phone during pregnancy had a series of problems arise, such as more emotional problems (25%), more hyperactivity (35%), and more conduct problems (49%). Many scientists believe that users of smart phones should keep the phone away from them by at least an inch during usage.

Whether the person being affected by electromagnetic fields has an illness, is pregnant, or just wants to avoid the associated health problems, it is important to learn how to block EMF. It may be helpful to research companies that specialize in cell phone radiation protection, laptop radiation protection, and EMF protection for electronics.

WiFi radiation protection may become more important, as its usage expands each year.

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