How To Style Western Clothing

Across the globe, the cowboy and cowgirl fashion trend periodically appears on runways. This tempting fashion look can provide a fun foray into traditional American fashion, but as the video points out, integrating this Western wear into your wardrobe takes judicious use. Instead of building an entire outfit of Western items, work one or two in as accessories for the best results, such as boots or a belt.

Denim skirts offer women a fashion-forward way to introduce the cowgirl look into their work wardrobes. Men might consider a Western jacket for weekend wear or a belt buckle inspired by the rodeo or cattle ranching.

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Save cowboy hats for the weekends though, since only in the mid-western states of the U.S. do people actually wear them to work, and then, only when they work in ranching, farming, oil rigging, etc.

For more strict workplaces with dress codes that preclude fringe or denim, work the Western look in by using a scarf or themed jewelry. Small items, such as a necklace or bracelet can let your inner cowpoke shine through while maintaining your employer’s dress code. Consider pairing cowboy boots with jeans or slacks if your office offers a casual Friday.

Explore the many ways to work Western clothing into your wardrobe, using this video as a jumping-off point. From jeans to boots, guys and gals can integrate cowboy fashion into their wardrobes. Start small and expand the cowpoke-themed options in your wardrobe.


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