I Have But One Piece of Good Online Shopping Advice For You

Good online shopping

Good online shopping advice is hard to find, but if there is one tip I could give you, it would be this. Use aggregators.

An aggregator is a search engine for search engine. Basically, you plug in your desired keywords, and an aggregator searches multiple sites simultaneously and presents every pages results to you organized however you want.

I learned of these handy sites when text book shopping one year for college. The aggregator found the cheapest possible combination of books for me, so I would not have to search each and every site for each and every book and manually compare the prices.

Aggregators made my shopping experiences as efficient as possible, between time management and price management.

There are tons of aggregators out there. If you do not heed this piece of good online shopping advice, then you only cheat yourself out of more time and money for yourself.

The only other good online shopping advice I have for you is to use your common sense. If your gut tells you a website is fishy, then chances are, it is. If something is too good to be true, then it usually is. Do not use an open wifi connection when shopping unless you want a hacker to steal your identity.

Do any readers already know about aggregators? What sites do you like to use? Would you agree that a recommendation to use aggregators is a piece of good online shopping advice or no? Why or why not? Please share in the comments.

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