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Need a New Dress? Why Not Try A Floral Print Dress?

Floral print dress

I have no shame in saying that I had to wear a kilt the other day. My cousin asked me to be a groomsmen, and, as he Scottish, he asked that all his groomsmen go rent kilts. It did not look bad on me, I must say.

Naturally everyone said I was wearing a dress or a “dressy” as they so put it. And I liked my dressy, but it was the floral print dress that my girlfriend got that was really great. It was this blue wrap dress that was 100 percent silk that she picked up for a bargain.

Honestly, she killed it at the wedding. She looked amazing and got so many compliments on it. I always am proud to be her boyfriend, but that day, I had a certain cocky smile each and every time I introduced because that floral print dress made her look so great.

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