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non-slip velvet hangers and American clothing

non-slip velvet hangers and American clothing

Back in the 30’s, it was common for the average American woman to own just 9 outfits. That statistic has grown and to a rapid degree where the average American woman now owns about 30 different outfits, basically, one for every day of the month of the year. Another fun fact to take into account when looking how the clothing industry has changed within the American market is the amount of money spent, and it’s no big secret when $1,700 on clothes is what The average American family spends on an annual basis. Imagine all those shirts, pants, dresses, and long underwear. The situation begs to ask where to put them. That’s where closet hangers and closet storage come in handy.

Types Of Hangers

If in our lifetime, we spend a grand spanking estimate of 3,680 hours, which in days measures a whopping 153, searching for misplaced items, then that only means a lot of hangers. The many outfits a person, be it man, woman, or child need a hanger. The non-slip velvet hangers are a great start, alongside the many hangers you could buy to accommodate all your clothing needs. Some of the hangers included with the non-slip velvet hangers include, acrylic hangers, baby clothes hangers, baby sized velvet hangers, clear acrylic hangers, clear clothes hangers, clear hangers, and the many more to choose from.

Where To Get non-slip velvet hangers

If you’re specific about your clothing and what type of hangers you need, then google can direct you to many great sources such as IKEA, Walmart, BOXED, can all help to accommodate a very demanding need. Again, just look at how much time and money is spent on the simplest of clothes. You have to put it somewhere right, and that only raises the question of storage even more.

Why Have Storage For Your non-slip velvet hangers

No matter what kind of hanger you use, be it hangers for kids clothes or hangers for teens, if your clothing demands border on a simple average of what common American’s accumulate, then having a place to put them can be more than simple a safe bet. It’s no mystery to state that tossing out shirts, pants, and undies is a sign of messiness as well as a recipe for disorganization. Now imagine, doing the same thing with your non-slip velvet hangers. You don’t want that, and having a source of storage can be a massive help when it comes to not just keeping track of your clothes, but even your hangers.

Types of Storage Units For non-slip velvet hangers

Depending on how much clothes you accumulate, where if your buy just as much as the average American man or woman, then looking to several storage unit businesses can be very helpful. By going to google, then variety will certainly be on your side when looking to find a nice climate controlled environment for not just your clothes, but also your hangers. Looking to several examples such as Extra Space, Public Storage, or the Value Store will more than make up for the requirements, especially when the same variety of units to be found can be found in all shapes in sizes. Again, the size of the unit all depends on how many sets of clothes you have, along with the amount of hangers. It’s important to utilize the great use of closet storage bins when even the items that can avoid misplacing items can be misplaced. It happens more than anyone can imagine, and our growing age of supply and demand, it’s an issue we all want to take into account.

In Conclusion

Whether you have a few shirts and dresses, or a massive collection, having a set of hangers will more than make up for such a massive quantity. Today, more than ever, keeping track of what we have is essential in that we hold onto what we value, even if it is just a few material goods.

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