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Quick Tips for Better Camera Shots

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So you bought a new camera on a whim in that new york camera store, so what now? While most of us novice photographers know our way around a camera, more or less, there are a few things you can do to fully maximize the potential of your camera, and get some great pictures worthy of photo stores and magazines.

While the camera store NYC employee may have showed you your way around your new camera, there are a few tips that every camera owner should know in order to get the best pictures possible. First, while it seems obvious, move in closer! Having your subject take up almost the entire frame is the best way for your viewer to be able to appreciate and understand what it was you were trying to capture.

A really cool element about photography is that you have the ability to stop, or slow down time for a split second. Using a slow or fast shutter speed to capture a split second moment is a way to capture photo store worthy shots. Ask that camera store NYC employee to help you with how to change the shutter speed before you leave, and then experiment at home. Working with fast shutter speeds requires practice.

Experimenting with lighting is also a sure fire way to get a great shot. Know where the sun is, as shooting with the sun behind you generally gets you the best shots.

Whether you bought your camera at a digital camera store or camera store NYC on a whim, or are a seasoned photographer, following these tips will definitely help you to capture some incredible shots.

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