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Taking a Look At The Benefits Of Using Reusable Bags

From custom wine bags to reusable grocery bags, there are many different applications for reusable bags not only here in the United States, but all throughout the world as a whole. And reusable bags like custom wine bags are very important indeed. They’re much kinder on the environment than other disposable bags and are often much more durable as well.

Plastic bags and paper bags aren’t doing anybody any good, especially as our environment continues to be put in crisis. Plastic bags are only used for an average of twenty five minutes, not even a full half of an hour, but they can take as many as one thousand years to fully break down. And even when they do break down, they still become toxic particles that frequently end up in the oceans of the world, due to the fact that they photo degrade instead of biodegrade.

And while some people think that paper bags might be the friendlier option for the environment, as they are made from natural products, this is actually far from the case, directly related to the number of trees that must be cut down in order to make paper bags in the first place. In fact, the number is a truly astronomical one, totaling fourteen million trees cut down in the year of 1999 alone for the purpose of creating paper grocery bags. And in the nearly twenty years that have passed since, this number has only continued to increase.

And we are going through far too many disposable bags, paper and plastic alike. The data more than bags this up, showing that the typical year in the United States accumulates one hundred billion plastic bags, with the average person living here using no fewer than three hundred and fifty such bags and as many as five hundred plastic bags. In addition to this, it has been found that a single and solitary person will use more than twenty two thousand plastic bags alone over the total course of their lives.

And the use of paper and plastic disposable bags is hugely and somewhat irrevocably damaging to our planet, especially when you look at our oceans and the life that goes on within it. For many sea creatures and animals that live off of the sea, plastic bags pose a very real threat. In fact, as many as one million birds alone will die from eating plastic. The same will be true for up to one hundred thousand sea turtles. Of course, even more fish and marine life will also succumb to consuming plastic, species that we cannot get back once they are gone.

Fortunately, however, there is a way out of this bleak situation, and it is through the use of reusable bags. from custom wine bags to insulated cooler totes, there are many ways in which reusable bags can be used. Reusable shopping bags are of course popular, as are breast cancer awareness bags, a bag that allows you to support two important causes at once.

In addition to this, reusable bags (like custom wine bags and the like) can be used for special occasions as well. If you have children, it’s likely that you’ll be interested in high quality reusable Halloween trick or treat bags. Though Halloween only comes around once every year, these bags will serve their purpose for the vast majority of the years that your children are young enough to go trick or treating, if not all of them.

And the impact of using reusable bags like custom wine bags and the like is actually quite significant. This is due to the fact that up to seven hundred disposable bags can be saved from polluting the environment when reusable bags are used instead. Though this might seem like a small difference, it is one that will quickly add up over time as more people commit to using reusable bags instead of disposable paper or plastic ones for longer periods of time.

From custom wine bags to wholesale grocery bags, there are many ways that you and your family can incorporate reusable bags into your every day lives, saving the planet and shopping with ease at the same time.

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