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The Advantages of Using a Uniform

Uniforms, as most people are aware, are sets of clothes that make all members of a group look the same. Uniforms are often associated with the military, where soldiers, sailors, pilots, officers, and more wear uniforms either on a battlefield or during “dress blues” ceremonies. This much is true, but uniforms can be found nearly anywhere, and they come in a wide variety. A marine’s crisp uniform appeals to the eye, but there are well documented reasons why the staff at a sandwich shop may wear the same shirt, or why nurses wear medical scrubs during work. Uniforms for school are often worn by students around the world, and embroidery uniforms may also be found at workplaces such as a car repair shop or a retail store. These embroidery shirts may be custom-designed and ordered in great numbers when a business opens, such as an embroidery polo shirt or even embroidery aprons.

Uniforms for School and the Hospital

Do students wear uniforms? In some nations, nearly all students wear uniforms to school, such as in China and Japan. Many people may have seen images of a Japanese schoolgirl’s sailor uniform, for example. School uniforms are not completely standard in the United States, but more and more American schools are starting to embrace the idea. As of now, some 21 states (and the District of Columbia too) have policies for formal school uniforms, and most often, it is private schools that do this. Some 54% of private schools have uniform guidelines for students, and some 30% of public schools have done the same. Overall, 21% of American public schools required student uniforms in the 2015-2016 school year in particular, up from 12.5% in the 2003-2004 school year. Such uniforms may give students a better sense of unity and solidarity, and make them feel more motivated and professional at school.

What about medical scrubs? Many Americans may have seen photographs of nurses in the 1800s and early 1990s, who wore petticoats, high heeled boots, aprons, and more during their work. This changed during the 20th century, when unisex nurse scrubs with pants and short sleeves became the norm, though the color may vary somewhat. By the 1980s and 1990s, scrubs had fully become the “uniform” for American nurses, though they were introduced as far back as the 1940s or so. These scrubs are lightweight, simple and practical, which may be a relief for a nurse with a lot of work on his or her hands.

Uniforms for Work

The workplace is a major arena for uniforms, such as embroidery patterns on shirts, and even hats or pants. Why do employees wear uniforms? This is partly for their own benefit, to give them a feeling of unity and to make all staff feel professional. Not only that, but the customers will greatly appreciate the sight of uniformed employees, too. Many customers will feel confident in a workplace when they see professional-looking employees in uniforms, and on the practical side, uniforms make employees easy to spot. Customers with questions or complaints will want to easily find an employee to help them, and a uniform is by far the best way to do that. Some 97% of the public agrees that uniforms will make any workplace’s employees easier to recognize.

What do these workplace uniforms look like? In many workplaces, the uniform is a partial one; that is, the employees may receive a shirt and/or an apron, and they will be told to only wear certain kinds of pants (or skirts for women, in some cases). Such shirts may be T-shirts that are all the same color and have the store’s brand printed on them, such as at a sub sandwich shop. Or, those tops may be embroidery polo shirts, such as at an auto shop. The embroidery may have the business’s name on it, or even the employee’s own name (as a substitute for a name tag). In the food industry, these uniforms may also include an apron, as well as a sort of visor or hat in many cases. Such uniform codes might not involve supplying shoes, but rather will ask employees to only wear certain kinds, such as non-slip sneakers or athletic shoes to reduce the odds of accidents or injury.

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