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The Best Anniversary Gifts Come In Engraved Stone Packages

Anniversary stones

Anniversary gifts like anniversary stones that are engraved are excellent for affirming your combined message of love and serve as lasting gifts for you and your partner in a permanent way. Engraving in fact has been used for centuries to send messages, dating back to when our predecessors would engrave stick figure men with oversized phalluses on rock carvings. These anniversary gifts were first doled out during the Holy Roman Empire when husbands would give their wives silver wreaths on their 25th anniversaries and gold wreaths on their 50th anniversaries.

Today, these carved and engraved anniversary gifts make a personal statement on your time together and your love for each other. Sure, you could get the President of the United States to send you and your spouse a greeting after you have been married for 50 years, but Anniversary gifts like stones are more likely to stick with you. They last forever because they are impervious to rain and the elements, and they are quite gorgeous too. They show your affection for one another and serve as consistent symbols of the time you have spent together.

Now, you may not have been married as long as some folks, with an 86 year marriage taking the cake according to the Guinness Book of World Records, but you still love each other and you still wish to show affection. Do so with anniversary gifts like carved stones and engraved gifts. You can place the stones in a prominent location to always remember.
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