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The Coolest Item of Clothing in the History of the World

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What makes babies more awesome than adults? Is it the fact that they get to sleep between 14 to 17 hours a day while us taller humans sleep way less than eight? Or is it because they get to wear, and pull off, the coolest item of clothing in the history of the world? Probably both, to be honest. What’s the coolest clothing item in the history of the world, you ask? Adult onesie pajamas.

It’s kind of unfair if you think about it. We are the ones that take care of these so called “babies” and we are the ones who go to work every day so we can spend our money and buy awesome onesie pjs that THEY get to wear!

Well it’s time for a change. Pjs for adults are now here and we’re taking over.

About 74% of Americans admit that they wear boring old regular pajamas to bed, while 8% of Americans sleep naked. The other 18% wear “something else” but we have to assume that at least a few of those people are the coolest of the cool and they are spending their slumber time in a pair of awesome adult footed pajamas.

Think of all the coolest people in the world right now. So your Michael Jordans of the world, Brad Pitts, Ronda Rouseys, Donald Trumps… all of those cool cats might sleep in onesies. Just the simple fact that it’s a possibility that those four virtuosos of cool might enjoy the awesomeness of onesies every night should be enough to convince you to get rid of all of your clothes and exchange them for more onesies.

Of all the consumers in the world, about 45% of them (and counting) prefer shopping online when shopping for clothes. This could be a result of many reasons but there is only one reason why online shopping is better than offline: You have the ability to purchase in bulk… Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle onesie pajamas.

Don’t let being an “adult” with “responsibilities” bring you down. Enjoy life as much as you can and if that means wearing adult footed pjs to work, so be it. Have fun!

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