Three Easy Ways to Save Money Shopping

Back to school shopping tips

Did you know, according to CNN Money, 76% of Americans are still living paycheck to paycheck despite our supposed recovery from the Great Recession? It is harder than ever for many of us to buy gifts for our loved ones, school supplies, or even groceries to put on the table. If you are one of many Americans looking for ways to save on your shopping, follow these three tips and tricks to get started.

  • Grocery Shopping Tips
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    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Americans spent an average of $6,500 on groceries in 2009. Food has certainly not decreased in price since that time. Maybe you have taken to using coupon shopping tips as a way to cut back your monthly expenditures. However, that is not always enough. As About.com writes, making up a shopping list before you go to the grocery store is a great way to save money because it forces you to realize what you need and what you just want when you are shopping. This in turn cuts down on the amount of unnecessary things you buy.

  • Holiday Shopping Tips
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    Some of the most sought after smart shopping tips are holiday shopping tips. Christmas, it seems, keeps coming faster and faster every year as we try to put aside enough cash to treat our friends and family members to a wonderful holiday. According to Investopedia, the average American spends almost $650 a year on holiday gifts. How can you save money? As VB points out, shopping around and comparing multiple high quality sources of online shopping is a great way to find the best items at the lowest prices. Do not settle for the first item you see.

  • Back to School Shopping Tips
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    As the National Retail Federation points out, families spend on average $688 dollars on school supplies for their children each year. That is not chump change. Frugal Living recommends you shop at home before you shop in stores to save a lot of money. That means you need to inventory everything you have at home before heading to the supermarket. In doing so, you can avoid buying duplicate items and replacing things that are still in good quality.

Whether you are shopping for the food you put on your family’s table, for gifts for the ever looming holidays, or for the supplies that will give your children that extra foot up to do well in school, using these three tips can help you to save money. Do not wait. Start using holiday shopping tips and others to save immediately.

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