Turn your Home into a Day Spa

Day spas are a wonderful indulgence. They allow you an opportunity to relax, refresh, and press the reset button. But they also come with a lofty price tag.

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Many of us can’t afford a full day at a spa, and instead can only enjoy one individual treatment, at most. Similarly, many of us just don’t have the time to book an entire day at a spa. As lovely as that would be in a perfect world, it’s just not practical for anyone with a job, kids, or other responsibilities.

That’s where DIY spa treatments can save the day! At-home spa treatments bring all the pampering and restoration of professional spa services, without the hit to your wallet. Of course, the quality of these services will be different than if you paid a licensed professional to perform them. But that’s ok. Just a little bit of pampering and “me time” can be enough for you to renew your mind, body, and spirit.

Many beauty supply stores and even drugstores sell plenty of products for you to arrange a decadent spa day for yourself. Treat yourself to some fabulous smelling lotions and some delightfully fizzy bath bombs. Let yourself really indulge!

You can even make your own at-home spa products using materials you probably already have on hand. Who doesn’t love a good DIY? This video offers tips for some fun shower products you can make yourself. Tune in and get to pampering!


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