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Welcome Stones Can Make Amazing Gifts For Yourself Or Others

Welcome stones

While the oldest rock ever discovered on the planet is an estimated 3.8 billion years old, you will find that today’s welcome stones can make either excellent housewarming gifts or gifts to yourself that will be just as timeless. The way that welcome stones are created is through a process called sandblasting which also happens to be used for making tombstones and cemetery markers. This is perhaps one of the reasons why welcome stones are also engraved to become a tombstone for a lost pet whose memory you wish to honor in your yard forever.

Even thought the oldest engraved object ever found on the planet is a stone estimated to be about a 100,000 years old with 23 distinct lines on it, you will find that today’s welcome stones are much more sophisticated. You will also find that welcome stones are low maintenance as an advertising executive discovered in the 70’s when he created the pet rock as a gift for friends who always used to complain about how high maintenance their pets were. You will see for yourself that engraved stones can be a great compliment for a great many reasons either in your own yard or in someone else’s.

Engraved stones can make excellent markers that can be placed at any entry point to a garden, yard, patio, or other outdoor space. This is important when you are trying to create a focal point because if you use a large rock, you will be able to direct all of the attention of anyone who happens to be near there to the rock. You will find that by simply placing such a stone in the right place, you can complete the look of any outdoor space you have.

You can also count on giving away welcome stones for gifts either for a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary, or even any number of holidays. Imagine how special your mother would feel if in addition to a bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day, you presented her with a beautiful engraved stone. Long after the flowers dried out and died, she would still be cherishing the stone.

In the end, you will see that there are many great reasons for having welcome stones in your yard or to give away to someone else. There is no outdoor space that would not look at least a little better with one as a compliment. They will last virtually forever.

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