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What to Look For in a New Watch

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The enormous Rufus Cuff is poised to become both literally and figuratively one of the biggest smart watches on the market. While its competitors can only run scaled down versions of mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android, the Rufus Cuff can support full blown smartphone apps.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a good, old fashioned wrist watch. In fact, traditional watches are even better than these new high tech competitors since these smart watches are expensive, require frequent charging, and are slaves to the wearer’s smartphone.

That being said, technological advancements have brought improved, handy wrist watch features. In fact, there’s almost no reason to invest money in something that can only tell time (unless it’s purely for fashion). If you’re looking for a truly useful time-teller, here are some wrist watch features to look out for.

Back Lighting.

One of the most popular wrist watch features today is backlighting. With a small button, a wearer can light their watch so that the time can be read in any amount of darkness. This feature is easily incorporated into both analog and digital watches, which means the options of consumers who want this feature are wide open.


The whole point of needing to tell the time is because we all have important things to do at certain points in the day. Sometimes we forget to check our watches, and so we lose track of the time, which means we might be late to these important events. However, amongst the milieu of other wrist watch features are alarms that users can set to one or more times in the day so they don’t forget to do something or be somewhere. What’s more, users can also use it to help them wake up after a nap, as well as for other short term needs.

Date Dials.

Dials displaying the date are amongst the most popular and common wrist watch features. The usefulness of such wrist watch features extends past simply telling the wearer what day it is. Wearers can use it to tell how many more days until a certain date, which allows them to plan their busy schedules more accordingly and accurately.

There are some seriously handy wrist watch features available for both mens watches and ladies watches. The next time you’re shopping for casual watches, why settle for something that just tells time? Invest your money in something with cool wrist watch features. If you have any questions about what to look for in a new watch, feel free to ask in the comments. Read more about this topic at this link: www.skagen.com

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