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What’s In A Look? Turns Out Dressing Well Has A Lot Of Social And Financial Benefits

Good fashion is good fashion. As long as you know how to color coordinate and aren’t taking advice from the raccoon rummaging around in your trash bin at two in the morning you’re good to go, right?

Not so fast! Fashion moves at the speed of light, like it or not, and what may be a hot new look one day could be downright obsolete the next. This goes for the average joe that works at the repair shop just as much as it does you and your friends slogging through college. Thankfully, a lot of today’s fashion is more flexible than it’s ever been, with more tastes garnering more widespread attention thanks to social media. If you’re thinking of shaking up your look in 2018 but don’t want to indirectly tell people you take your layering tips from nocturnal rodents, check out the list below.

There’s nothing like a little advice to steer you onto the path of visual panache!

Did You Know?

Visual cues are important in today’s culture. In fact…they kind of always have been! Studies have shown first impressions are actually more heavily influenced by nonverbal cues than verbal ones, as much as four times higher. That means the smile is more powerful than the pun! Additional studies have also found people can decide on your trustworthiness in a tenth of a second. If you want to nail that job interview or get that date, picking up a few fashion tips this year will go much farther than you ever anticipated.

Feeling Sporty? You’re Good To Go!

Can you be fashionable and sporty? Today’s clothing options aren’t just more flexible. They combine all sorts of different looks into one handy package, meaning a single outfit can help you breeze your way through a casual gathering as easily as it can give you something crisp to wear during a night out on the town. Supreme clothes come in all sorts of apparel, from Supreme ball caps to mens bags, and the only limit is your imagination. A survey analyzing fashion trends found over 75% of skateboarders prefer to shop with small specialty stores these days.

Cleanliness Is Close To Godliness…So Get Fresh!

Who wants to talk to someone surrounded by a funk cloud? Not you and probably not that cutie at the coffee shop. While investing in some Supreme clothes isn’t a bad place to start, it’s not enough if you don’t put in the effort to maintain your look behind-the-scenes. Studies have shown an unattractive person has a 60% chance to receive a callback after an interview. Compare this to someone who is groomed, stylish and boasting a big smile, where this percentage rises to a little over 70%! If you haven’t flossed in a while, it might be time to get to it…

A Good Graphic Tee Goes A Long Way!

Adding some graphic tees for men will pad out your wardrobe for those days it’s hard to get out of bed. There’s lots of good stuff online, to boot, and e-commerce only gets better when people like you take the initiative. A store with an Internet presence instead of your average physical retail space earns an average of $100,000 or more with comparable sales. They also are more likely to reward repeat customers with limited-edition sales and secret offers after you subscribe to an e-mail list, so pick a favorite and get shopping!

Make 2018 Your Most Stylish Year Yet

Taking notes? Let’s get down and dirty with the refresher so you can spend more time feeling good and less time wondering where you crashed and burned. Your average online apparel store is trendier and more affordable than ever before. Supreme clothes are some of the hottest items out there combining the very best in skateboarding culture with a modern bent. Lastly, your first impression could use a patch-up job whether or not you spend an hour in front of the mirror every morning.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so look up some Supreme clothes or weekender bags and give your life the touch-up it’s been craving!

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