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Why Should I Get A Quality Watch?

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If you wear watches, you might have wondered what sets apart a really good quality timepiece from the department store watches. Until you have one on your wrist you won?t know the different a quality watch can really make, both in terms of quality and your own image. Out of every eight people wearing a watch, one of them is doing it primarily to signal status, while 25% are looking to make a fashion statement. Whether your main interest is fashion, or just plain knowing the time, here are six ways quality watches are better that might just send you hunting for used Movado watches or looking a second time at the Panerai for sale.

They Use Better Metal

Those ordinary watches at the department store counter might not seem all that different from the Daniel Roth watches. Pick up the watch, though, and the weight difference will tell the story pretty quickly. Quality watches are made of better metal. At a minimum, they?ll be a high-purity stainless steel, and the best ones are titanium or ceramic. This means they don?t corrode because you sweat, and they are also less likely to irritate you. A good watch will also have a coating to help preserve color. Those used Movado watches can be a much better deal than even a brand new department store watch, just in terms of metal quality.

The Glass is Better

An ordinary watch will have crystal or mineral glass, which is cheap but also scratches easily. A quality watch is made from sapphire glass, which is very hard to scratch even with pretty serious use. When checking out those Omega used watches, then, look on the back or on the dial for an indication that it is made with sapphire glass.

The Movement is Better

Cheaper watches, even good ones, will use certified mechanical movement, which is not bad. The quartz movement they use is definitely accurate; but it?s not as reliable in the long term as Miyota, Seiko, and Ronda movements. These are very durable and will last for decades with the right care, and many quality watches use these types of movement.

They Have a Good Strap

If you?re looking among the used Movado watches for one that is waterproof and bulletproof, you won?t find many leather ones for sale, of course. But the quality metal used for on the bands of quality watches should feel heavy and be, at a minimum, high purity stainless steel. Those that have leather straps will show their quality in the small details. There won?t be any fraying, and the connection between the watch and the strap will look and feel stiff and enduring.

They Are Water Resistant

Being water resistant is practically synonymous with a really good quality watch. In fact, it was Rolex who, in 1926, created the world?s first waterproof wristwatch. Most quality watches are rated for a minimum of 10 ATM.

They Have a Legacy

One reason that people buy quality watches is the chance to own something enduring and valuable that can say something about the owner?s sense of style and taste. But a quality watch is also something that can be passed on to another generation. That used Omega or Rolex watch could become a family legacy that your grandchildren will treasure because of what is says about you.

The watch is something often neglected in this age of cell phones and digital gadgets. Investing in a quality watch, however, is investing in a legacy that speaks to your status and sense of style. And a quality watch will be yours to pass on to those you love most.

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