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By on February 6, 2019

Weddings today involve a number of personal accessories for the bride and groom, not to mention the bridal and groom parties, and this goes beyond the engagement ring itself. There is also the matter of the wedding bands, the jewelry that the bridesmaids wear, and any ring that the groomsmen might have. Bridal jewelry may be involved too, and the bride might wear anything from a sapphire necklace to sea glass earrings, but sometimes jewelry is damaged, and jewelry repair or watch repair can be done before the wedding to keep these accessories in good shape. Watches are common men’s gift, and this includes gifts for a best man and groomsmen, so watch repair may be needed if a purchased watch turned out to be faulty or if a watch is damaged before or during the wedding. Engagement rings can be fixed up if they are damaged, and watch repair can get a groomsman’s gift watch repaired just right.


There are many material aspects to a wedding, but for the bride and groom and their associates, jewelry is among the most important. Often, this starts when a man looks for an engagement ring to give to his girlfriend, and there are some statistics to track how this is done. The current custom calls for a gold ring with a diamond set in it, but this tradition is facing competition, and sometimes, other gems or even sea glass may be used in place of a diamond to make for a more personal effect. What kinds of rings are men buying, and what preferences to the brides-to-be have? While traditional diamond rings are still popular, as of 2017, nearly 45% of engagement rings had a custom design, and it is likely that this trend will continue. And sometimes, a bride-to-be may actually have input on the type of engagement ring purchased. Some men prefer to design and buy a ring on their as a surprise, but in other cases, men involve their girlfriends in the process, and when this happens, about 56% of prides say that their highest priority for the ring is the shape. Only 5% of them prioritized the colors involved.

Jewelry is often bought for personal decoration as well, and diamonds may be rarer for this due to their association with engagement rings. Many different types of jewelry exist, such as anklets, necklaces, earrings, rings (aside from engagement rings and wedding bands), brooches, and pendants. Often, these jewelry items are family heirlooms passed down, most often from mother to daughter, and they have strong sentimental value. The owners of such jewelry would certainly want jewelry repair services available if a piece of jewelry were damaged, such as a gem coming loose or metal getting bent, warped, or pitted. If gems get scratched or chipped, this may be dealt with, as well.

Watch Repair

Often, expensive wind-up watches are to men what earrings are to women, and sometimes, a younger man will receive his father’s or grandfather’s watch as a family heirloom, and since watches involve delicate inner workings, and they can be damaged if dropped or crushed under something, watch repair may be needed. The inner workings of a watch are often too delicate and intricate for the average owner to take care of themselves, so instead, the time-honored job of watchmaker can be involved. Such watchmakers, like jewelers, work with such fine parts and details that they use microscopes or other lenses to see what they are doing. A damaged, traditional watch can be taken to a watch repair shop and dropped off so that it can be repaired as needed, and anyone whose watch hands stop may want to do this, or if the watch hands get stuck. A groomsman who received a watch as a gift at a wedding, for example, may want to look up local watchmakers if he damaged his watch or if it suddenly stops working, and a quick Internet search should yield local results.

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