The Top Three Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Diamonds

By on August 10, 2014

Ruby diamond art deco earring

You probably see diamonds every day, even if just in rings, but how much do you actually know about them? Here are three things you might not have picked up about diamonds:

1. Diamonds are a Hotter Commodity Than You Thought

You probably knew that diamonds were the hardest natural substance in the world. That, at least, is common knowledge, but do you know why they are that way? Most diamonds are brought close to the Earth’s surface by volcanic activity. The intense heat and pressure is a big part of how diamonds come to be the way they are! Not all diamonds form in the same way, however, which is why…

2. Not All Diamonds Make the Cut — Literally

Given similar conditions and materials, you’d think that most diamonds would turn out pretty similar, but that isn’t the case. Not every diamond ends up reaching a high enough quality to be made into discount diamond earrings for men or platinum engagement rings for women. Only about one in five diamonds end up making the cut for those platinum engagement rings for women and diamond stud earrings. After that, most of them go to the same place though, because…

3. America is the Land of the Free — and Diamonds

America buys out almost half of all gem quality diamonds. With all the engagements and weddings in this consumer culture, the demand is just huge, so diamond retailers thrive here more than anywhere else. What do you think about diamonds? Continue reading here.

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