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3 Tips for Making the Switch to Reusable Bags

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The state of California passed a recent law banning single use plastic bags. Many people are realizing how harmful plastic bags are for the environment. Statistics show that plastic bags take anywhere from 15-1,000 years to fully break down. Nearly 10% of all debris that washed up along coastlines in the United States were plastic bags. If your store is ditching plastic in favor of reusable bags, it’s wise to help customers with this transition. Here are three tips for customers making the transition to reusable grocery bags.

  1. Ensure Guests Know to Stock Up

    Statistics show that shoppers in the United States use about 100 billion plastic bags each year. Many of these bags end up going in the trash. It’s important that plastic bags are kept out of landfills. Ordering custom reusable grocery bags provides a solution to a huge environmental problem.
  2. Advise Guests Keep Bags Stored in Vehicle

    All customers have the choice of where to store their grocery bags. Many people who store their bags at home can forget them when it’s time to grocery shop. It’s wise to advise shoppers to leave their bags in their vehicles. If your store is located in an area known for extreme temperatures, it’s best that guest keep bags stored indoors.
  3. Instruct Shoppers to Wash Bags Regularly

    Not all shoppers will know if bags are safe to wash. It’s advisable to include a brief guide on how to keep these bags clean. The company you’re ordering grocery bags should know proper cleaning instructions. In most cases, you’ll find washing information on the grocery bags you’ve ordered. A mild application of soap and water should be more than enough to keep grocery bags properly cleaned.

In summary, there are several tips customers should know about reusable grocery bags. You’ll want to let guests know the benefits of having enough bags. The last thing a shopper wants to deal with is having to carry groceries in their hands. Many shoppers find that keeping their reusable bags stored in the car means never forgetting about them. You’ll want to let shoppers know it’s advisable to keep their grocery bags clean. Implementing reusable grocery bags is a wise decision for both customers and the environment.

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