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What You Should Know About Temporary Tattoo’s

Temporary tattoos for kids

Every year, parents of children will have to plan and organize one of the most stressful events in their child’s life, a birthday party. Yes, I know that it sounds silly for a birthday party to sound so serious, but once you have kids and you will need to make them happy then you should understand how important this is. You will not only need to get a cake, invite the right people, but you will also need to plan the right type of the activities for the children at the party.

For a long time, we have celebrated events, think about the fact that the very first Earth Day was held in the year of 1970. A lot of parents will go above and beyond to provide the best birthday possible for their children. A GigMasters survey was conducted in 2013 surrounding what parents are willing to do for their children. This survey revealed that 70% of all parents are willing to spend more than $300 on their children’s birthday. However, 1 in 7 admitted that they will spend more than $1,000 on their child’s birthday party.

If you want to get the right type of fun, get a bounce house, sports, and maybe even a temporary tattoo manufacturers for the birthday party. Now, maybe some parents will not be warm to the idea of their being temporary tattoo manufacturers at the party, but the children will most likely love it. Here is what you should know about temporary tattoo manufacturers and your child’s birthday party.

The Food and Drug Administration released information revealing that temporary tattoos are defined as decals used to decorate any part of the body and only last for a week at the most, some only last one day. Temporary tattoo manufacturers are very popular with children, especially around the time of Halloween. The top ten most popular spots for tattoos on the body are the lower back, the wrist, and even the foot. Many children will get their temporary tattoo manufacturers to put a tattoo on their wrist.

Effects made by temporary tattoo manufacturers and other party items like glitter have been around for so long. In 40,000 B.C., Mica Flakes were used by the Egyptians, Chinese, Romans, and Greeks and these flakes are known to be similar to glitter. However, as far as we know the glitter that we see today was not invented until the year of 1930. Temporary tattoo manufacturers can even make 1.5 x 1.5-inch tattoos which are perfect for kids because they can easily fit on their hands and cheeks.

When temporary tattoo manufacturers apply a temporary tattoo, they will do what is best which is to hold the tattoo in place for 30 to 60 seconds and to hydrate the skin afterward by gently patting a bit of thin, water-based lotion on top. 29% of all people have tattoos that are permanent and about 23% say they regret getting a tattoo. Also, know that 10% of all people who get a permanent tattoo will suffer an infection or itching, however, temporary tattoos are a safe alternative.

In Conclusion

A Country Crock survey was conducted that involved 1,000 parents and involved questions pertaining to children’s birthday parties. According to this survey, 82% of all parents surveyed said that they believe the cake was the most important part of their child’s birthday party, while 61% said they prefer to make a homemade cake as opposed to buying one at the store. Glitter tattoos, kids temporary tattoos, and temporary tattoo manufacturers will make your child’s birthday party very fun according to data and surveys surrounding planning and organizing children’s parties.

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