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Casual Business Wear Getting it Right

Business casual attire is about finding the right balance between formal business attire and dressing like you’re on spring break. For men and women, there are some simple rules to follow for casual business wear that can ensure that you are always correctly dressed for work. A personal shopper can help both men and women conform to workplace codes while developing their own style.

Dressing for the workplace
Even in a casual workplace, appearances matter. Psychologists have found that more than half or 55% of a first impression is based on physical appearance. And most people make this judgement within 7 to 17 seconds of meeting a person for the first time. Physical appearance matters, even in the casual workplace.
That’s because employees represent the workplace to the public. While many employers have chosen to go with casual dressing in the workplace, there are still codes to be followed. Personal shopping for men and women can help you achieve the right look for work.

Business casual:getting it right
It started with casual Fridays and now it’s a whole new dress code for the workplace. Business casual was introduced into the workplace to make employees more comfortable and productive. The majority of employees also prefer to dress more casually. It’s now the norm in a number of work settings like offices, department stores, manufacturing, and retail. As many as half of all senior managers surveyed felt that workplace clothing was more casual compared to just five years ago.
Formal business attire and bespoke clothing are still the norm in positions that involve face to face interactions with clients and customers. These can include law firms, banking, and investment advising. But in other settings, a business suit can be too formal and out of place. For many employees, especially those who are new to the workplace, it can be difficult to find the right balance.

A simple guide to business casual
With the best of intentions, employees can sometimes get it wrong. Sometimes messages and images on clothing can offend co-workers. In general, it’s a good rule of thumb that if you’re not sure about wearing an item of clothing, it’s best to skip it. Men should skip shorts and go with khakis or casual mens pants in gabardine, wool, or cotton. Long-sleeved button-down shirts without a tie are fine, as are sweaters. Designer clothing is also suitable.
Jeans are not considered appropriate for the workplace, even as casual business wear. For women, casual dresses and skirts that reach at or below the knee are suitable. Very short skirts, sun dresses and spaghetti straps should be avoided. Stockings are not necessary in warm weather, but open toe shoes or flip flops are not appropriate. Makeup, perfume, and jewelry should be understated. For men and women, body piercings and tattoos should not be visible.

Casual business wear helps to make employees feel more comfortable and also more productive in the workplace. It does not however mean that there are no more dress codes in the workplace. A personal shopper can help men and women to find the right balance between formal business attire and weekend dressing.

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