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Here are 3 Benefits of Donating Used Clothing to Non Profit Organizations

Americans donate to many kinds of charities each and every year. One thing they should donate more of, however, is used clothing. While over 90 percent of Americans participate in charitable giving at some level, relatively little of it is realized in used clothing donations for non profit organizations. It’s estimated that Americans recycle or …

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6 Types of Donations Most Charities Accept

Giving back to a charity is one of the great feelings imaginable. In addition to this wonderful feeling, donating allows you to get the clutter out of your home. However, it’s understandable to wonder which types of items a charity will be able to accept. Considering that, here are six types of household items that …

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6 Reason to Donate Used Clothing

Americans are charitable people. About 95.4% of people around the United States give to charity in one way or another. Many people like the idea of giving back to the community but are not sure how they can do it. Not everyone has the money to spare to make that kind of donation. At the …

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