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Choosing the Right Fine Leather Goods to Enhance Your Summer Style

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Leather never really goes out of style, but this summer it’s hotter than ever. At any given moment in time, the average American is wearing four — four! — pieces of leather. Take a look down. How many can you count on yourself?

If it’s time to step up your leather game, fear not. There are so many fine leather goods to choose from that you can take your style from drab to fab with just a couple of quick and easy accessory purchases.

Here’s a few favorites for the season:

  • Leather Belts
    A good leather belt is an obvious must-have for men and women alike. It’s the just slightly-rugged but still-chic accouterment you need to complete your festival outfit or to just simply hold up your trousers at work. A small braided belt is also great for cinching the waist of a flowy summer dress, showing off your curves while keeping you cool.
  • Leather Backpacks
    The dream of the ’90s is alive and well in fashion right now, and that means the resurgence of the mini-backpack. Get one in leather to house all your partying or day-on-the-town needs. For a pure and simple statement, check out Coach’s line of fine leather goods and backpacks — model Chloe Moretz made them look tres chic in her 2016 spring campaign shoot with the company.
  • Leather Keychains
    Fashion Rule #1: Always sweat the small stuff! A simple leather keychain is not only totally functional but very cute and practical. A cowhide form of leather will provide the thickest and most durable support with varieties ranging from one to 20 ounces. Wallet, phone, keys — check!

Summer is all about letting loose and hanging free. Simple accessories like fine leather goods provide the right kind of pop without all the baggage. Their back-to-nature feel is the perfect accompaniment to any summer look, whether you’re going for hippie earth goddess or rugged lumbersexual.

Ladies and men, take note: leather isn’t just for the books. It’s here to stay! Add a little bit of leather to your day and nighttime looks for a fashion statement that will last through the seasons.

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