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It’s Time to Change Your Life Be More Professional

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Welcome to the wonderful and overwhelming world that is post-graduate living. No more dorm rooms, no more homework, no more puking in the hallway seven days in a row (hopefully).

You’re now — technically — an adult.

Just because you’re old enough to be considered an adult, however, doesn’t necessarily mean you really are one. At least not a mature one. There is a solid chance that even though you have graduated, you are still sleeping in, playing video games all day, and not doing things to better your future.

It happens to almost everybody, but it’s a matter of limiting that period of immaturity. Those who slack off for a few days after graduating and then get their stuff together end up having great lives. Those who want to fight the responsibilities and stay 14 years old forever, however, struggle a little bit more.

It’s time to change your life if you’re part of the group that is struggling.

The worst part is that sometimes you don’t even realize you’re in a rut. But if it’s Friday afternoon, you’re just getting out of bed, and you’re debating about whether or not to take your third shower of the week… it’s time to grow up.

Here are three tips to help you look, feel, and act like an adult, that will actually change your life for the better:

Stop Being Lazy

This is the first step so it always feels like it’s the largest, most significant step in the maturing process. It really is simple, though. Just stop being lazy. Once you realize you are being lazy — stop!

Stop sleeping in. Stop procrastinating finding a job. Stop eating junk food. Stop acting like a child. It’s time for you to stop your old habits and start (see next tip) acting like a professional.

Act Professional

The whole reason you went to college in the first place was to get a good education so you can be prepared and qualified to enter the workforce and get a good job. Well, playing video games until 3a.m. isn’t really helping your case. It’s time to act like the professional you want to be.

Clean up your social media profiles so they represent a more professional side of your life, take care of your hygiene and living space better, and find ways of using your time more productively. Reading more, working out, and starting a project are three healthy ways to spend your down time rather than just sleeping in or being lazy.

Dress the Part

Once you can get rid of your lazy habits and start acting professionally, it’s time to look the part as well. Changing your wardrobe from beer shirts to dress clothes can do wonders for your career enhancement, personal relationships, and self-esteem. Buying a nice fitted suit and leather belts for men to go along with them, purchasing leather briefcases for men, fine leather satchels, a nice pair of dress shoes, a high quality watch, and many more can really set you apart from your peers.

Just because you bought the leather belts and shoes doesn’t mean you’re an adult, however. You have to really want to grow up. You can’t just fake it. People will see right through that expensive suit and leather belt if you are buying it just for the attention. Buy it to dress nice and improve your life, not shallow reasons.

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