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Face Types and Hair Cuts

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So, you are sick of your hair. This is the point that all of a us come to at one time or another. Whether it’s because the hair is so dead you can’t do anything with it or maybe you’re just plain bored of the same style that you’ve been sporting for years. Either way, it’s time to receive some serious hair care services. However, it would make it a lot easier on your stylist if you had a little bit of an idea of what you want before trying to ‘hmm and haw’ your way through your description. Let’s go over the best styles depending on your face shape.

There are six main types of face shapes: round, square, oblong, diamond, triangular and oval. In order to find out what face shape you have, you must measure four main parts of your face.

The forehead: you need to measure the distance from one eyebrow peak to the other.

Cheekbones: measure from the highest point of your cheek bone to the other.

Jawline: measure from the point of the chin over to just below your ear where your jaw has a type of corner and times that number by two.

Face length: starting from the center of your hairline, measure down to the point of your chin.

Now, using those measurements, compare them to the following descriptions.

A round face has cheekbones and a face length of nearly the measurement. The forehead and jawline are also similar measurements but the cheekbones and face length will be larger than the forehead and jawline. Also, the jawline is soft and not very pronounced.

Any cut that has height around the top and doesn’t shape the face works here.

A square face’s measurements are all very close to one another and the jawline is very pronounced.

You’ll want lots of layers to soften the jaw line and chin area, length is not important as long as you have room for layers coming below your chin.

An oblong face has the largest face length. The other measurements are all almost the same.

Shorter side swept bangs can give the appearance of a shorter face.

A diamond face also has the largest face length and then next are the cheekbones followed by the forehead and last in the jawline. Normally, the chin is quite pointy.

You don’t want a hair cut that stops at the chin if you have a diamond face. You want something that skips the shoulders or longer, to draw attention away from the chin. Bangs are a good idea for this shape face.

A triangular face has a large jawline with a small forehead and cheekbones.

Some sort of bang is ideal here, as well as side partings to make the forehead appear more in proportion to the chin.

Finally, the oval face has a length that is larger that the cheekbones. The forehead is larger than the jawline. Usually, the jaw angle is round.

If you have an oval face, you’re lucky, most styles will work with an oval face.

Now that you have determined your face shape, it will be a lot easier to figure out which hair style and hair care services will look best on you without having to go crazy with hair extension options or lobbing off your long hair. Full service hair salons will generally be able to help you out with this, but it’s nice to have an idea before going in for your hair care services.

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