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The List of Body Piercings Has Gone On and On and On Since the Dawn of Mankind as We Know it

How to become a piercing apprentice

Your body is a temple.

It’s more than likely that you’ve heard this popular phrase time and time again. Maybe your own parents have said these words as a warning to be aware and careful of what you put in or on your body, or to scold you about that horrendous pizza tattoo you got during spring break after an intense binge drinking session. Whatever the case, they’re kind of right.

Your body actually is a temple that houses, protects, and maintains your life. Even if you don’t believe that you have soul that’s connected to your physical body, there’s no doubt that your body — and the human body in general — is truly an amazingly beautiful and resilient creation, just like a work of art, just like a temple! As such, you can choose to adorn your body as you would a temple with paintings and decorations.

Except the paintings would be tattoos and the decorations would be different types of body piercings. Now that’s taboo.

Or is it?

Several different body piercing types have been in existence since the dawn of mankind, with one of the most common being a simple nose, nostril, or septum ring. More often than not, these and other forms of body modification were rarely just decorative or for superficial reasons. The list of body piercings that were used for sacred, ceremonial or religious purpose is extensive! In addition, they were often used to denote one’s status within the community.

If you were to take a good, hard look at the today’s list of body piercings that are the most common, you’ll see that it’s not that much different from the list of body piercings that were popular throughout the history of ma. It’s safe to say that almost every — if not every — body piercing that is popular today, including exotic piercings such as surface piercings, has already been done over and over and over again.

If body modifications such as piercings resonate with you and you find yourself interested in learning how to become a professional piercer, the last place to look is YouTube tutorials. Just. No. Watching or “studying” YouTube videos and home tutorials is no way to learn how to body pierce. Becoming a professional, emphasis on professional, piercing requires enrolling in a body piercing apprenticeship program. There you’ll learn the extensive knowledge of human anatomy it takes to successfully perform a body piercing!

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