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From Concealing Military Forces to Camo Wedding Cakes How Camouflage Became the Next Big Thing

Army camo clothing

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that camouflage clothing for men and women — and even pets — seems to be just about everywhere. Literally, everywhere. But, in order to truly appreciate the popularity and versatility of this trend, you have to understand its origins.

Humans have always been inspired by nature and have gone to great lengths in order to mimic it. After all, Mother Nature knows best, right? Right. Using camouflaged plants and animals as inspiration, army camo clothing came into existence during World War II, when the French military forces hired two artists to design a unique that would conceal their troops and gear from the infamous Axis of Evil. Needless to say, the design was hit and the rest is history!

However, it wasn’t until the late 1960s and early 1970s when returning Vietnam veterans began protesting the Vietnam war while donning their army camouflage clothes that camouflage slowly began infiltrating civilian dress. By the 1980’s, camouflage had planted firm roots in the fashion industry and moved its way up into becoming a mainstay.

Fast forward to today, and everyone is going camo clad. This versatile pattern can be seen everywhere, from runways to rural areas. Camouflage has become so popular in fact that has inspired several other seemingly unlikely fashion trends, especially in bridal wear. Yes, camo wedding gowns are a real thing.

Camo wedding ideas are seemingly endless, as bridal designers and event planners continue to create new, fun, and interesting ways to make use of this unique pattern. Perhaps one of the most common camo wedding ideas aside from a camo dress is camo wedding invitations or camo wedding cake.

These two ideas allow brides and grooms to incorporate their love of camouflage into their big day, and share it with their guests. It’s truly a unique and fun way to make a statement with camouflage that’s sure to impress.

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