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From Liquids to Batteries, Here’s Your Guide to the Components of an Electronic Cigarette

Disposable electronic cigarettes

Many people have heard about how electronic cigarettes (also known as e cigs and vapor pens, among other names) are the latest alternative to smoking cigarettes. While these devices offer many benefits when compared with smoking tobacco cigarettes, they can seem a bit complicated to people who are used to lighting a cigarette.

However, vapor cigarettes can be simple to use once you know about how they work. Here is a simple breakdown of the components of electronic cigarettes.


In order for the electronic cigarette to create a vapor, there are several components that have to work together. The first is the atomizer. This piece is necessary to heat the liquid nicotine (or e liquid) inside the e cig. This piece is sometimes combined with the cartridge (which holds the e liquid) into a part known as a cartomizer. Some users prefer atomizers that heat up faster and may use these when creating their own vapor pens.

E Liquid

E liquid is one of the most widely known parts of the e cigarette. It is used to create the vapor once it is heated and exits the pass-through at the end of the e cig. In rechargeable e cigs, e liquid of any brand name or flavor can be used to refill the tank. These flavors go beyond tobacco and menthol and can include candy, fruit, mint, coffee, and more.


Vaping batteries in e cigs and vaporizers are responsible for powering these devices. Some users prefer to swap out vaping batteries in rechargeable vapor cigarettes in order to see more power and produce greater amounts of vapor when used with the right e liquids and atomizers. Vaping batteries are typically on the end of the e cig where the vapor exits.

Mouthpiece and Tank

Finally, at the other end of the e cig is the mouthpiece, and usually the tank is located in this area, as well. The tank or cartridge is used to hold the e liquid and can usually be refilled easily following the manufacturer’s instructions. The mouthpiece is a sterile, usually silicon-based piece that should allow the user to inhale vapor easily for a great throat hit. Although these parts are replaceable and easy to take care of, they should be properly cared for and cleaned when needed.

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