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Why Use eCigs? Here Are Three Reasons More People Are Turning to These Devices


Just about everyone these days knows about the dangers of smoking cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes contain substances such as tar, ammonia, and various carcinogens, all of which can lead to cancer and other deadly diseases. As an alternative to smoking, however, more people have begun vaping — or using electronic cigarettes.

Why use eCigs? The answer to the question of “why use eCigs?” is different for everyone. Some people choose electronic cigarettes because they would like to quit smoking and haven’t had success with other methods (gum, patches, etc.). Other people prefer eCigs because of the variety in colors, flavors, and other features, regardless of whether or not they’ve smoked before. Here are just a few of the main reason why 2.5 million people (and counting) have turned to vapor cigarettes in the United States:

    1. There are plenty of vaping products to choose from. Cigarettes only offer so many choices when it comes to flavor, and all of these products are used in the same way. However, that’s not so with eCigs. Disposable electronic cigarettes are one way to get started. These tobacco-flavored devices don’t require any refills or replacement parts and can help ease the transition between cigarettes and eCigs. Those who would like more choice in how they vape, however, can choose from a wide range of rechargeable electronic cigarettes and flavors, and they can even buy vaping kits with everything they need to get started.

    2. E liquid flavors can add some variety to vaping. E liquids or e juice is the substance inside these devices that helps to produce the vapor. One of the biggest advantages to using eCigs is that this liquid comes in all different flavors. From mint and coffee to fruit and chocolate, eCig users can swap out flavors or buy pre-filled vapor cartridges to use in their rechargeable vapor cigarettes.

    3. Reducing nicotine intake is easy. Many smokers may switch to light cigarettes to cut back on tar and nicotine, but this can only do so much. Additionally, these cigarettes still have the same negative health effects as bolder flavored cigarettes do. With eCigs, however, users can choose different e liquids with different concentrations of nicotine. Even e liquids with zero nicotine are available to help users kick the habit.

So why use eCigs? There are plenty of reasons to consider switching to eCigs if you haven’t already. Do your research before making a purchase, give it time to get used to vaping, and you have a chance to kick tobacco to the curb once and for all. Have more questions about vaping? Leave a comment below.

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