How Eucalyptus Soap is Made

If eucalyptus soaps are your favorite kind of soap, then you may have wondered how they get made. It is handmade and all-natural using a cold process. But what does that mean? Just what exactly are the steps taken to turn eucalyptus ingredients into a soothing bar of soap? In this video, you will learn just that. You will get to follow along with the soap-making process as eucalyptus soap gets made right before your eyes in real-time.

Video Source

You will get to watch as the soap-maker adds ingredients one at a time to an oil base. She will explain how much she is adding and the purpose each ingredient holds. You’ll also get to see how she colors the soap and adds designs to it. When the soap is completed, it is a giant block that gets cut into smaller pieces that is ready for use. The video will share insider details with you so you can gain a full understanding of this process and know how your favorite soap gets made.


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