Trying Face Masks to Find Favorites

In this video, you will learn about fashion face masks for sale. The video goes through reviews about some masks and how to choose your favorite styles. Since the pandemic, wearing masks has been a huge part of our lives.

Video Source

They are rating the masks on fit, comfort, and budget. There are links to all of the masks in the description of the video. They aren’t speaking to the effectiveness of preventing the virus, just how it fits. The first mask is off of Amazon and they like it so far. They like that it has an adjustable nose bridge. There is a clamp on the nose bridge that helps keep the fog out. It is the number one bestseller on amazon because it is easy to breathe and they like how it is neutral. The next mask was bought off of Adidas. It has a slit where you can put your own filters. They purchased three of them but one of them ripped. It does not have a nose bridge. It definitely fogs up the glasses. You can get them off of Adidas website. It has four out of five stars. They are a very popular mask.

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