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How to Enjoy Paris with Children

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If you are going to be visiting Paris in the near future then you will likely be looking into accommodations in Paris as well as recommended restaurants in Paris; not to mention transportation and other such things. However, if you are taking a trip to Paris with little ones, you will want to look into any available activities for kids, as well. While the restaurants in Paris are divine, sitting around and tasting the local cuisine will probably not be very enjoyable to the younger ones with short attention spans and small tummies. Here is a list of things that might work even with kids.

There are so many different kinds of museums in Paris, including children’s museums and kid friendly ones also. While museums can be a little pricey when it comes to entrance fees, the great thing about Paris is that any museum that is state owned is free for any one under 18 years of age. On top of that, many of the municipal museums are even free for the parents as well. This means that you can give the museum a shot and if it turns into a total melt down for someone, then there’s no money lost. Some of the museums although not specifically for children, will capture their attention because the area is populated with buskers so you will likely cross paths with fire eaters and musicians or mimes.

There’s a castle named the Chateau de Vincennes that is incredibly fascinating. There are over the top decorations and even a huge Hall of Mirrors inside that the children will love. This is another place that is free to anyone under 18 years old. They even give out complimentary kid booklets to help them enjoy the tour by turning it into a treasure hunt. There are many other castles that your brood may enjoy as well. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Disneyland is only 24 miles outside of Paris if you choose to spend a day there!

The Eiffel Tower
How do your kids feel about heights? If you don’t think the long lines and the elevator ride and the immense height is going to work for your little guys, then you should still look up at it from outside. It’s a magnificent view especially at night when it’s all lit up. It’s actually been turned into a five minute light show as they turn the lights on right after dark. It is between 10 and 13 euros for children aged between four and 24, so while it isn’t free like the museums and castles, it’s still not very expensive.

Les Catacombes
This is a very interesting historical site where skeletal remains of about six million local reside. It’s among the watery subterranean world which will make you feel like you’re in a movie dated back many years. However, if your kiddos will get a little panicky at the site of bones and the history behind the bastion of bones, it may be a good idea to forego this area. This one is probably better for older kids who have a better grasp on history and will find it interesting more than weird.

Restaurants in Paris
As mentioned, kids won’t want to sit around at restaurants for very long but it is highly recommended to carve out at least a little time to do so. There are so many different kinds of restaurants in Paris that you could literally taste a little of every culture from around the world if you had the time. As many of the things to do during the day are free, if you bring sandwiches with you for lunch, you may be able to fit it into the budget to eat out every night and experience the Paris night life as well as the cuisine. Paris at night is unlike other places in the Western world. It is very family friendly and often provides much entertainment on in the city center.

There is so much to do while in Paris but make sure not to overload your children with activities. What can happen is that even the ones they would normally enjoy they cannot because of being so overly exhausted. Make time for naps and breaks so everyone can have a great time.

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