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3 Ways You Can Bring More Glam Style to Your Wedding

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Did you know that the average wedding will have 136 guests? If you?re currently planning your big day, there?s likely a lot on your mind — and that?s not surprising. Weddings make an event planner out of every bride.

Not every wedding is going to be the same. If you?re into more of a glam aesthetic, then you may have been spending some of your free time scrolling through the endless options Pinterest is suggesting to you — and your other hand is thumbing through your wallet to see what your budget can accommodate.

How can you bring more glam to your wedding this year? Here are a few affordable suggestions.

Invest in a Glitzy Belt

Belts are very in right now for wedding dresses, and they don?t need to be expensive. Sites like Etsy and Modcloth have a ton of options for brides-to-be. In most cases, you?ll want a belt that brings that more subtle glam to your dress — in other words, look for like-colors. If your dress is a traditional white or antique white, then look for a belt that has a similar backing color with silver and light blue gems and crystals attached to it. Although dark blue can be a flattering color as well, be prepared — it will draw people?s attention and it will definitely make for a less traditional wedding look.

Wedding Sparklers

Why not go for a wedding sparkler send off at the end of your reception? This can be a great way to add a little feel of Hollywood glam to the occasion without having to spend a ton of money. You can buy sparklers online these days — a traditional sparkler will last for about 45 seconds, and experts recommend ordering sparklers for 75% of attending guests, as this will allow for everyone who wants one to have one. If you want to keep things indoors, opt for smoke free sparklers — smoke free sparklers are approved by most wedding venues.

A Chocolate Fountain

Let?s be real. Nothing says glam like some liquid chocolate! Chocolate fountains can be affordable to rent (or hey: buy one if you think you?ll get a lot of use out of it!) and they can give guests an interactive, fun activity for your reception. Just make sure to try it out before the actual event to make sure it?s working right, and have enough cookies, fruits, cheeses and sticks to go around for those who want a yummy taste.

Will you be adding smoke free sparklers, chocolate fountains, or a glam-worthy belt to your wedding day?

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