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If You Are Planning a Trip, the Best Way to Travel is on a Empty Leg Charter Jet

Private jet to hawaii

Are you planning a trip for your friend or family? If you are planning a trip with a group of people, you may want to consider talking to private jet charter companies about your travel and flight needs. More and more people are booking charter flights when they have a group of people going on a trip together. With more than 2,100 charter aircraft services companies around the United States, travelers have a lot of options. Private jet charters can fly into and out of 5,000 public use air ports across the country, flying on private jet charters is a convenient and safe way to go. Probate jet charters have access to 100 times the airports as commercial airlines.

But how do everyday travelers book a flight with charter aircraft services companies? When a charter plane is sent to pick up a group or is sent to drop them off, only one leg of that journey is booked for people. That means that private jet will either go to a city or will leave a city empty. This means the company that owns the plane loses money They often will book the empty part of the trip, referred to in the business as an empty leg flight, with other groups to recoup some of the money. These companies charge by the flight, not per person. Your party can pool your resources and may pay less for that flight than if you all got your own commercial tickets.

  • Be flexible. If you are not locked into a certain date for your trip, you may be able to fly on a charter plane to your destination. You should know that you may not get the size plane that you expect. Charter aircraft services are always looking to please their clients. The empty leg charter flights may have originally been to take a plane after a party of 10 used it but that group may grow to 20. That means the plane that you take will be bigger. Roll with it.
  • Empty leg charter flights are not the same as commercial flights. In addition to a difference in price, you have a lot more flexibility when it comes to flying on a private jet. You do not need to get to the airport hours in advance. You will get a different level of service. You will know that your luggage is going to make it to your destination with you. And the experience of flying on a private jet makes even the best first class service look like the bus.
  • You can take your pets. It has become much more difficult to take animals on commercial flights. In the past, you could take your pet into the cabin with you (depending on the size of your pet). If you needed to fly your pet alone, you could book them their own flight. Those days are gone. You need to fly on the same flight and have to put them with the luggage. Charter aircraft services let you bring your pets on the charter flight. This is the easiest way to take your pet with you. This is also a much less stressful experience for the pet.
  • If you need something unusual, ask! There is a saying that works well in this kind of situation, “They cannot say yes if you do not as.” When you book your charter flight, even the empty leg flights, you may be able to do things that are impossible wth commercial flights. If you have large or strangely shaped luggage, if you want to make a put stop or have gluten and dairy free food on board, you can ask. The only things no charter plane company will accommodate are those that might impact safety. Everything else is fair game.
  • Book last minute. Charter scheduled are very fluid and flexible. When you are looking into this kind of thing, waiting until the last minute may get you what you want. The best window to call charter companies is between four and seven days before you want to travel.

If you are planning a trip, call charter companies and get your options.



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