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How EMF Radiation is Affecting You While You Sleep

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Electromagnetic Fields are natural fields of energy that are closely related to the creation of electricity. In nature EMFs are associated with lighting and other forms of natural electricity. EMFs, however, are more prevalent now more than ever because of man made devices, such as cellular phones, computers, power lines and wireless internet. Most small appliances that we use have and EMF signature. While many contend that EMF radiation is harmless, there are several occurrences in nature that are supposedly caused by the abundance of EMF radiation. Researchers are studying the link EMF safety and health. Considering that the increase of cellular towers is a relatively new phenomenon, there will have to be more studies to conclusively sort out the long term dangers of excess EMF radiation.

What Dangers Associated with Excessive EMF Radiation?

There are currently several studies that are trying to determine the effects of excess EMF radiation. To understand the importance of this all you need to do is stick your head out the window and look up. The power lives and antennas that cross your neighbor all emit levels of electromagnetic radiation. This invisible radiation has been posited to cause several symptoms in humans. Many people who are believed to be in high EMF areas cite symptoms such as lethargy, nausea, headache, dizziness and infertility. There are also studies that prolonged exposure to higher rates of carcinogens in the body. With these concerns it is no wonder why many are choosing to buy EMF protection jewelry and other emf shielding devices. Others are opting to forgo their city lives to move to the countryside where the effects of EMF radiation is drastically less than in the city. Apart from EMF protection jewelry or making a big move to the country there are less extreme steps that you can take in your daily life to ensure that your exposure to EMF radiation is minimized.

Dig Out Your Wired Technology

Although wi-fi technology has become as common as the telephone, having wi-fi access in your home means that your exposure to EMF radiation is increased greatly. Rather than using wireless networks while at home, instead use Ethernet cords to reduce your exposure. While it is hard to avoid wi-fi while out and a about at least mitigate your exposure while you are in your home. You don’t need EMF protection jewelry to reduce your exposure, just discipline. It can mean better health in the future.

Reduce Your EMF Exposure While at Home

What is the one place where you should safe not to have to wear EMF protection jewelry In the same vein as the last tip, many of us have a hard time unplugging from our digital lives even after the work day is done. While leaving work at work, it can help your mental health and stress levels. In much the same way this rule can apply for excessive EMF radiation. Picture this you work in an office all day with maybe hundreds of cellphones and laptops humming along all day emitting EMF radiation. Many people come home after their 8 hour work day and instead of disengaging from their electronics they actually plant themselves in front of the television or the computer until it is time to go to sleep. Instead of increasing your exposure, designate certain t.v. and computer free nights in which you find other ways to relax, like reading a book, taking a walk or working on a piece of art. You just might find a new way to relax.

Remove Electronic Devices From the Bedroom

Now while it is perfectly normal to pay attention to your phone during the day, is it necessary to have your phone in the bedroom while you sleep? People have become so attached to their phones that they use it for everything, entertainment, business, calculators and maybe more disturbingly and alarm clock. After having your phone nest to you all day you owe it to yourself to keep it out of the bedroom. It will increase you quality of sleep while also reducing your EMF radiation exposure. Leave your phone in the other room with the ringer on high, or better yet, invest in a landline.

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